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Rosie Logan BSc. C&G.

a lifetime creating....

I totally believe in interiors which are tactile, organic, interactive and where possible upcycled. Ever seen a textile that resembles champagne bubbles?  Welcome to the world of bubbletex or champagne bubble cushions.

Rosie works with sculptor partner Allan Dixon BA. to create these unique vibrant 3d fabrics to liven any space: multi directional wall panels, upholstery, individual cushions, bed heads, stair risers: there are no limits to the applications and wow factor. They are further enhanced by other objects/backgrounds in wood, metal or stone creating an irresistible sensation to touch the surfaces, an ambience  rich in colour and texture, which boosts the visual experience through touch. The textiles use upcycled polyester in the sandwich layers to pad out and the cushions are often backed by "Piñatex" the most amazing innovative natural fibre made from pineapple leaf waste.

 For more information, inspiration or to discuss how we can collaborate on an upcoming project, contact us today or even better visit our artBnB to experience the real feel of our artistic accommodation.


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